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Hi there my name is Joelle and welcome to my site, thank you for visiting. Energy Healing with Joelle uses a unique healing modality called Bio-Matrix Energy Healing which has been established for over two decades.
 I have personally used the Bio-Matrix Energy Healing modality to heal my trauma and can highly recommend this holistic approach to emotional, mental, physical and spiritual health. I fell in love with the process, my own personal healing journey and evolution. I am so blessed, honoured and grateful to be able to learn this life changing modality and gift that I get to share with you all.
Whether you are healing from trauma, physical health problems, emotional health problems, want to elevate in consciousness or are just feeling stressed, heavy, stuck or stagnant in life and want to improve your quality of life, then this is definitely for you. It caters to a diverse range of needs. I offer a quiet, respectful, non judgemental and safe space for optimal health and healing.

The longest relationship you will ever have is with yourself. Health is wealth and this is one of the best investments you could ever make. Embark on a journey of self-love, inner peace, consciousness and enlightenment. All enquiries welcome!
***Bookings via phone and square

 Joelle xxx

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“We are all energy vibrating at different frequencies, operating on different levels of consciousness"

Joelle Maria

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Bio-Matrix Energy Healing and Nervous System alignment 60 minutes

Bio-Matrix Energy Healing can assist with:
Nervous System | Immune System | Endocrine System | Ptsd/Cptsd | Emotional regulation | Migraines | Rewire negative subconscious programming | Neurodiverse conditions such as: Ocd, Adhd, Bpd, Autism, Down Syndrome etc | Anxiety | Depression | Brain fog | Insomnia | Stress | Deep-seated trauma |Release self sabotage triggers/addictions | High blood pressure | Codependency/Narcissistic abuse

Exit Survival Mode and embark on your self-love healing journey today. Take your power and life back from trauma. Heal your inner child wounds and generational trauma. Gain higher levels of consciousness, self awareness, clarity and intuition, develop a stronger sense of self, raising your energy, frequency and vibration. Return home to your authentic self. Allow myself and Bio-Matrix Energy healing to assist your bodies inner wisdom, consciousness and natural ability to heal itself. Allow your mind body and soul to relax in a safe and quiet space. Removing deep-seated trauma and energetic blockages on a deep cellular level. Rewire negative subconscious programming and limiting core beliefs holding you back. Regulate your emotions, become less reactive and recalibrate your Nervous System with the amazing Nervous System alignment. Become the best version of you today and create the life you deserve.



Maya Irving

"It’s impossible to put into words the profound effect my sessions with Joelle have had on my physical and mental state of being.
I had no expectations going in, was just in desperate need to shift some deep embodied trauma residing in my limbs. I vividly remember my breathing being short and sharp in my first session. And lying down, eyes closed, unaware of Joelle’s movements I felt her energy above my stomach and suddenly was breathing deep vast breaths, release release release!
In reflecting upon my year, I was journaling and marking two shifting points in my mental well-being. Two moments where I felt the brain fog ease, the constant anxiety subside and began making clear and directional decisions.It surprised me and didn’t at the same time to pin point both these moments of shifting to occur directly after my sessions with Joelle.
I feel for the first time comfortable to make decisions quickly and efficiently. Comfortable to sit in solitude. Comfortable with uncertainty and curious for the unknown.
I feel slower in my motions and little bubbles of joy popping within for the first time in years. 
I am so grateful to have had this opportunity to be healed not through words but through energy work and nervous - system alignment. It gave me a break in trying to work out how to heal my trauma and instead allow Joelle to guide me towards softer landings.
I could not recommend this service highly enough!"

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